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Dice moth!
( I know the d4 is wrong)

Coming Soon – Earth 6:13

‘The only thing I’ve seen in each and every discreet dimension is that whenever the the people of your planet realises the existence of others they name theirs Earth One.’ ‘The vanity is as unfathomable as the multiverse itself. The fact that the Abrahamic God was able to develop here in the face of so…

Under the Rainbow.

Kick, push, kick, push. The motto of Hawks Green mocked Jou again. He’d tried. Henshin had helped. All of their credit spent on bribing their way to the top of the treatment list. A Blue Doctor. One of the lords with a saviour complex. Just another parasite.

Darkness at Dunlough – Teaser

Part of the Earth 6:13 setting. Earth 6:13 is a setting written for PF and 5E and will be premiered at Albacon on the 2nd of October.  Prologue – Pride  Herb-scented smoke exited through the vent in the roof of the great chamber. Lord Kean O’Mahony sat back on his cushions. His scowl at the delegation before…

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