Coming Soon – Earth 6:13

‘The only thing I’ve seen in each and every discreet dimension is that whenever the the people of your planet realises the existence of others they name theirs Earth One.’

‘The vanity is as unfathomable as the multiverse itself. The fact that the Abrahamic God was able to develop here in the face of so many other pantheons puts you well down the branches. Never mind that their sacrifice was great enough to stultify the magical force for so long. I’m not saying their sacrifice was not important. I’m not even saying your dimension is not important. Their sacrifice prevented an apocalypse for countless other timelines.’

‘It’s just a shame that they only delayed it. If the magic is back… so are the others.’

– Harold. 

Wyffen Press: Speculative Fiction, Character Sketches, and ready to run 5E/PF scenarios.


Speculative Fiction, Roleplaying Resources

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So this will be my companion blog to my Ko-fi site. I’ve been very lucky to have been given the chance to spend most of my working hours writing. Most of my writing will be either fiction Sci-Fi & Speculative fantasy fiction, or resources for 5E and PF1. 

Who Am I? 

For the past thirty or so years I have been writing and playing roleplaying games with friends. I started playing at the age of fifteen and I think it was the original Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying (WFRP) that was my first game. I may not be sure about that but I’m very sure that my Mum had the police out looking for me when I wasn’t home by 11pm ! 

WFRP and Champions played a big part of our dice rolling and silly voices for a good length of time. After a short while Cyberpunk slipped into the mix. Once I moved up to Edinburgh a few years later I was introduced to Shadowrun, Aliens, Star Wars, and many others. I spent so much time studying rule books that I forgot about text books.

As time moved on and friends moved away the opportunities to play became fewer. At the start of Covid I’d managed to get a couple of friends together and with the addition of some of the locals at Castle Comics we had just got a regular night going. With the advent of Covid things changed. Another of my other friends had been using Roll20 for a while to play online with his generation of our hometown’s diaspora. He invited me to join a game doing an online Pathfinder playthrough of Icewind Dale. Within a couple of weeks I was in three games and running two of them. 

I set my games on a version of Earth in 1300. In the 14th Century Europe was in turmoil anyway. Imagine it on an Earth where, after an absence of a thousand or so years, the magic has returned. For just over two hundred years the elder races have been returning and people are learning that the myths are all realities. I’ve been writing a lot of support material for it which I’ll publish here. I’ll also be publishing excerpts of Badly Chosen. This is the first book set in Earth 6:1300 and it will be available via the KoFi site in full once it is finished. 

Other work published on here will be :

  • character background sketches either for my own characters or those that have been commissioned from me .
  • Complete and ready to run Roleplaying Scenarios for 5E of PF. To start with these will be as PDF or ready for upload to Roll20. 
  • There will also be some non-Earth 6:13 fiction.

You can contribute to my beer/artist/development fund over at There will be access to various other things there too like Discord servers, play test nights, Convention news and commissions for character backstories and art.

Nice to meet you!