Some people hate it when their GM /DM asks them for a backstory. I’m the opposite. I’m happy writing backstories for fellow players. As a GM I’ve often written up backstories to explain the ridiculous mini-maxing of one of those players. On this page you’ll find links to all the Character sketch blogs that I’ve uploaded so far as a blog. I’ve a ton to post up. If you are someone who needs a character fleshed out then jump over to my Ko-fi site , drop me a message, and we can talk things over. As time goes on there may be the opportunity to have one of your characters written into something bigger but we’ll get to that as we progress.

Meanwhile please meet some that have already been written and played.

Mags : Street kid that has discovered that magic lurks within him. Set in Midkemia.

Foxhis: Our Cover Gnome. Raised by sheep she’s here to kick arse and kick more arse.